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We are professional Designers in every disciplines of Engineering who can meet the client requirements.

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01.We believe in creativity

Combining different creative ideas together creates superior designs. it makes more benefits to the customers.

02.We believe in quality

Collective work mostly avoid making errors which may not be found at individual work. Less errors produce quality products.

03.We believe in abilities

The more people work together, the better the ability. More ability, it is natural for the customer to get the best

04.We believe in relation

The more people work together, the better the relationship and the better the customer gets.

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Global Demotic Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.(GDE) is a collective establishment of engineering professionals. It is located in Galle district of southern province, Sri Lanka. GDE unceasingly endeavours to fulfill its primary objectives. GDE makes designs and provides consultancy services for total solutions in buildings sector. Also GDE executes projects in construction industry.
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Profile - CEO

I was graduated as a civil Engineer from a recognized university of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka in 1996. I received my postgraduate degree in Building Services Engineering from the same university in 2012. I am also a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka since 2008 & a member of Engineering Council Sri Lanka. Also I am a registered Structural Engineer of the both professional bodies.

Though, I was selected to the faculty of architecture after sitting for examination conducted by the university of Moratuwa in the year 1990 or 91, later I was qualified to the faculty of engineering in the same university. Even though I followed the engineering course, I loved very much to the field of architecture. Because of that, I contnuously studied regarding the architecture field too.

Lanka Ramanayaka
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