Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka Against COVID 19

D. I. Lakmini, BA.

PUBLISHED ON June 12, 2021

What is immunity Meaning ?

Immunity can be identified as the ability to resist disease in some way. There are a number of factors that contribute to this immunity. At the same time, it is a special feature of our immune system. Maintaining individual immunity is one of the most important things accepted in indigenous medicine. Every person is born with an immune system.

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Figure 1: Every person is born with an immune system.

Today's unhealthy eating patterns cause this immune system to break down. Indigenous medicine prescribes medication to help regain immunity. When it comes to anybody, we need to build up the strength of our body to withstand it. That is why treatment is given in the indigenous medical system. In fact, these local remedies do not completely cure the disease but increase the body's immunity to the disease.

Indigenous medicine has two main objectives.

01. Prevention of diseases

02. Treatment of the disease.

Healthy foods and medicines that boost immunity.

Indigenous medicine reads about a healthy diet to boost immunity. Food poisoning is a way of life today. That is, these wrong eating habits are the main cause of these non-communicable diseases. But in the indigenous medical system, eating and healthy habits are considered as a medicine.

Indigenous medicine considers hedge-flavored foods to be immune-boosting. Foods with six flavors are - sweet, acid, salty, thorny, bitter, decoction. We often eat spicy foods. But it does not get it right. Ginger, Garlic, Ginger, Maduru, Black Cumin, Cinnamon, Curcumin and Coriander are some of the ingredients that we add to our healthy diet plan. But nowadays it is very rare to produce these things naturally at home in our healthy lifestyle. Adding foods like cumin to every meal builds energy in the body

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Figure 2: Adding foods like cumin to every meal builds energy in the body

Covid disease is most common in people with non-communicable diseases. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases. To this end, the risk of non-communicable diseases can be reduced by consuming local rice and avoiding pesticides, herbicides and heavy metal foods.

Indigenous medicine has a special place for things like coriander, coriander, ginger and garlic. Indigenous medicine also has doses of ginger coriander. Depending on the age, if there are other chronic diseases, then on medical advice and so on. Frequent use of these drugs can lead to other diseases.
For example, consuming too much ginger can aggravate diseases such as gastritis. Even in this indigenous system of medicine, some side effects occur only if the medicine is not taken on the doctor's advice and in the prescribed dose. These local remedies have been shown to reduce the risk of complications.

Quarantine has long been used to treat viral infections.

Things that can be done to boost immunity.

• Artificial feeding stop
• Consumption of dairy products.
• Drink more water
• Drinking green porridge
• Eat less coconut milk and eat natural foods

Adverse things that weaken the immune system

• Stress directly affects the mind.
• Computers / Phones Hearing more unwanted noises.
• Not eating on time.
• Sleep deprivation.
• Night bath.
• Sleep during the day.
• Eating artificial foods.
• Drink less water.
• Such people are at high risk

Foods that boost immunity Ginger

• Beta and other: Reduce the release of digestive juices
• Preventing the accumulation of air in the abdomen
• Controlling high sugar levels in the body
• Affects the digestive process and heals the stomach
• Facilitating the absorption of nutrients and minerals in food
• Contains high levels of antioxidants.
• Increases cancer cell death and bone health and reduces joint pain.
• Reducing fever, colds.
• An antiseptic.
• Prevention of diseases like asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia.


• Contains high levels of antioxidants. • An immunosuppressant. • It is very good for skin diseases as it contains vitamins A, B and C. • As an immunosuppressant, it neutralizes free radicals. • Suitable for heart disease / diabetes / cholesterol / early disease control.


• Reduction of mucus and bile.
• Increases immunity.
• Good for liver diseases.
• Improves metabolic functions.


• Heart disease control • Prevention of fungal infections. • Relieve arthritis pain • Increases immunity.

It is very important for us to take this kind of food and drink to control the new corona virus in the body.
• Curry leaf porridge
• Peacock porridge
• Vegetable leaf porridge
• Yakinarang leaf porridge
• Drumstick leaf mallow
• Lollipops and leaves
• Kuppamania leaf mallow

Taking these foods and medicines has the potential to boost the body's immune system. Indigenous medicine uses these foods and medicines to help fight viral infections. Immunity is vital to counteracting the new corona virus, which is spreading rapidly today.

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Figure 3: Immunity is vital to counteracting the new corona virus

The use of chemical fertilizers to preserve food and increase yields has led to an increase in various diseases. This is the main cause of non-communicable diseases. This is also accepted in Western medicine.
In Western medicine, medicine for many diseases is not based on the diagnosis but on the evidence. But what needs to be done is to find the cause of the disease and prevent it.

Recognized as the father of modern science, Hippocrates identified a number of principles that must be followed in successful medical practice. They are
• That the food should be medicinal
• Diseases should be cured by increasing the body's immunity and utilizing the energy of the natural environment for that.
• A patient should be treated not only for that disease but for all the organs in the whole body

Drugs prescribed for various ailments in Western medicine may have different effects on different diseases. In some cases, patients may become addicted to the same drugs. Some people take various painkillers even for a minor headache. But it is possible to drink something medicinal, such as coriander. There are several side effects that can be seen with some of the medicines prescribed by the Western medical system.

It is very important to eat natural as well as nutritious foods to prevent diseases. Non-communicable diseases such as kidney disease, cancer, and autism are mainly caused by not drinking clean water, eating fast foods that contain artificial sweeteners, and living in unhealthy environments (air pollution, noise pollution). Indigenous medicine is well-versed in these matters.

Indigenous medicine points out several treatments that can be used to prevent coronavirus.

The first step is to get an immune-boosting diet. Among them are fresh vegetables, fruits, yak naran, velabatu, vine tibbatu, heen bovitiya, gotukola, monarakudumbiya, musanda, polpala, karapincha mixed with several types of leaves and drinking kolakanda, drinking traditional rice porridge, belimal, ranavara, Drinks made from ginger, coriander, thyme and cinnamon naturally boost the body's immune system.

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Figure 4: Indigenous medicine points out several treatments that can be used to prevent coronavirus

Quarantine for various diseases has been accepted in Sri Lanka since ancient times. In the past, some viral diseases were identified as diseases of the gods. When the patient was at home, the residents hung a kohlrabi branch in front of the house, informing others that such a patient was at home and that dealing with them should be minimized. That is how self-quarantine was carried out among Sri Lankans. Shouldn't this be the policy to be followed in the present corona disease as well ? Accordingly, this quarantine is one of the most important factors in the recognition of Indigenous medicine.

When it comes to the use of preservatives, it can be identified as a volatile substance that acts as an antiseptic. By binding to the area between the shoulder and the elbow, the forearm acts as an immune ring around the body, preventing germs from approaching. It can be found in powdered foods as well as in decoctions.

Fumigation in the home can also be disinfected. There is a possibility of disinfecting the house by smoking citrus plants such as lime leaves, cochineal leaves, cochineal bark, Google, cedar, agave, perumcayum, mosquito repellent and haldummala.

Indigenous medicine says that in order to prevent coronary heart disease, it is important to develop immunity in the body. Accordingly, it is possible to develop immunity in the body and prevent coronary heart disease by consuming foods that are accepted in the traditional food culture of Sri Lanka.

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